You made me a father

You and me, we’re in this together. I get to spend my life helping you figure out who you are. I get to show you what I love and teach you to believe in yourself. Teach you to be curious, to think, to dream. To put one foot in front of the other, I get to teach you to get back up. To try again, to be brave, to be human. Part in this big world. I’m your example, your friend, your pillow, your hero. And you know what? You’re mine too.

You taught me to slow down. To be amazed. At you. At life. You told me how to reorder my every priority and that my heart could exist outside my body, and I could hold it my arms. You taught me that I do know what I’m doing. Maybe. Or maybe it doesn’t matter. From you I’ve learned to be loud and free and silly. You and your hugs and your love. You’ve shatterd my hard shell. Scrubbed away my roughness. And taught me that being a man isn’t always about being manly.

When you came into my life, you welcome me into the greatest club in the world.

You made me a dad. 

Ja, das beschreibt genau das, was wir erleben. Und so wird es einigen von euch da draußen gehen:



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Das Leben nicht nur zaghaft kosten, sondern hingebungsvoll genießen. Spüren, wie gut sich die sanfte Brise im Haar anfühlt – und dann barfuß in die Fluten laufen und mit jeder Faser eintauchen. So ist mein Leben. Und so ist mein Blog.